Lake Nona Medical/Professional

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Nona Smiles

  Nona Smiles Provider: Dr. Carlos Melendez (Dr. Sheila Ramirez-Admin.) Address: 9145 Narcoossee Rd., Suite A-100, Orlando, FL 32827 Phone: 407-808-6662 Website: Hours: Mon 8am to 5pm Tues 8am to 8pm Wednesday 8am to 5pm Thursday 8am to 8pm Friday 8am to 5pm Contact: Rod L. King, 407-985-6023,

Orlando Orthopaedic Center

9685 Lake Nona Village Place, Suite 102 Orlando, Florida 32827 Phone: (407) 418-0582 Website: Office Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.   The Lake Nona office of Orlando Orthopaedic Center is conveniently located minutes off of either the 528 or the 417 in Lake Nona, just off of Narcoossee Road.  The Lake Nona [...]

Van Dyke Gynecology

  9161 Narcoossee Road Suite B209 Orlando, FL 32832 Phone: 407-316-0156 At VanDyke Gynecology we strive to provide quality, compassionate care for all stages of life. Our physicians specialize in the practice of benign gynecology, fertility and menopause. Below are some of the gynecological services we offer. Gynecological care Annual exams Birth control Abnormal bleeding [...]

Lake Nona Dental Group Our mission is to provide Excellence in Dentistry that consistently exceeds the expectations of our patients. Services: Preventive Dentistry Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry Root Canal Therapy Oral Surgery Orthodontic & Invisalign

Orlando Dental & Implant Studio

Orlando Dental & Implant Studio 8257 Narcoossee Park Drive #524 Orlando, Fl 32822 407-601-7999 Hours: M 8:30-5, T 8:30-1, W 8:30-5, Th 8:30-5, F 8:30-1. We are an Eco Friendly General dentistry practice here in the Lake Nona/Lee Vista area that offers full general dental services and implants. We live in the Lake Nona [...]

Orlando VA Medical Center

    Lake Nona Annex 10415 Moss Park Road Orlando, FL 32832 Phone: (407) 304-2500 Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday    8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.   Lake Nona Annex Features: Primary care/internal medicine/geriatric medicine services for veterans in the Lake Nona area. Handicapped Accessible: full and easy access for all veterans. Specialty care referrals [...]

Pediatric Dentistry at Lake Nona

          La Vina Marketplace 9161 Narcoossee Road,Suite 101 Orlando, FL 32827 Phone: 407-737-7767 Website: About Us: At Pediatric Dentistry at Lake Nona we are committed to providing each patient with professional care and respect. Our goal is to educate patients and parents on proper oral hygiene techniques as well as [...]

Express Family Clinic

      10743 Narcoossee Rd, Ste A-11 Orlando, FL 32832 Phone: 407-277-1900 Email: Website: Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM Saturday 09:00 AM – 2:00 PM Sunday Closed   Urgent Care  If you have a life threatening emergency please call 911. If you have a minor injury or [...]

All In Physical Therapy

        10395 Narcoossee Road, Suite E Orlando, Florida 32832 Email: Phone: 407-730-3244 Fax: 407-730-3246 Website:   We Can Help With:   Most Common Diagnosis: Neck and back pain Lateral/Medical epicondylitis Shoulder Impingement Sprains/Strains Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Arthritis Tendinopathies Fractures Nerve entrapments Bursitis Joint Instabilites Frozen Shoulders Postoperative Diagnosis: Hip and [...]

Lake Nona Family Chiropractic

          10743 Narcoossee Road, A-12 Orlando, FL 32832 Phone: 407-658-7700 Fax: 407-658-7807 Hours of Operation: Monday 8-10:30 a.m. & 3-6:15 p.m. Tuesday 3-6:15 p.m. Wednesday 8-10:30 a.m. & 3-6:15 p.m. Thursday 3-6:15 p.m. Friday 8-10:30 a.m. Sat-Sunday CLOSED  Lake Nona Family Chiropractic is dedicated to providing complete wellness programs designed [...]